The photo has been taken in 2015 in western Norway. It shows the glacier Folgefonna, which is located about 100 km east of Bergen. This glacier is not just an ice stream, but it covers a larger mountain area completely and is the third largest glacier on the European mainland in terms of area. Maybe looking inland from the coastal area in Greenland looks similar, but I have not tried it.

Now there is no other country that is as close to the North Pole as Norway and still so warm. The gulf stream helps making the country warmer. But it also helps making it very rainy. And rain becomes snow during the winter, especially in the mountain areas. The funny thing is that the next larger glaciers are quite far away, so this one is kind of unique in its area.

Some IT projects are also very large. Or are getting large over time. This always implies the danger of never reaching a result. It is a challenge to put the priorities right in order to get useful results within acceptable time. We have seen very interesting news about the development processes over the past few years. Other than the glacier, which just develops by itself, it is a challenge to make use of these tools and transform them into tangible project success.

Folgefonna / Norway (© Karl Brodowsky 2015

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