Our Strengths - Your Advantages

IT Sky Consulting grants the following performance guarantees whenever we carry out a project:

  • A quick grasp of the challenges at hand
    Especially on free-lance assignments, we only spend a limited time period on a given project, sometimes a few weeks, sometimes several months. That's why it's essential to cut to the chase.
  • A focused approach coupled with a knack for improvisation allows us to develop spontaneous, creative solutions — especially whenever swift troubleshooting is in order
    Troubleshooting: we may not like it, but things can get messy. In that case, it's essential to set the right priorities in order to put the project back on the straight and narrow.
  • Flexible in-house support: will travel to work on-site whenever a project requires us to
  • Short-term support or long-term project assistance
  • In-depth knowledge and consideration of security requirements
  • Communication
    Effective communication is key in any IT project. I speak several languages and can communicate with many people in their native language or the language of their country.
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