Our Performance — Your Gain

Swisscom iO
>We played an active part in the development of iO by Swisscom... [ Read more ]

PostFinance AG
>Whether or not you have relevant and accurate information at your convenient disposal at the right place and time can make or break your business venture. [ Read more ]

Printsoft (Switzerland) AG
In 2008, IT Sky Consulting collaborated with our staff to develop MailHouse, a solution that groups posted items in an optimized way. Thanks to the large volumes it is capable of compiling, that system is extremely critical to performance... [ Read more ]

We get more than 325 million passengers from A to B every year. In 2007, we joined forces with IT Sky Consulting for the purpose of centralizing the operation of more than 1,000 ticket vending machines. IT Sky Consulting developed software based on Ruby and Java... [ Read more ]

Swisscom Mobile
At the time when cellular service companies began offering consumer-friendly prepaid phone plans, we hired Karl Brodowsky to work on our SICAP platform... [ Read more ]

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